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Surprisingly Normal Life Inside North Korea  Slideshow

Alternatives 2 War
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"The road to peace can only be traveled by those who have faith in the greatness of humanity.” ~ Oscar Arias

  1. A Peaceful Attitude  LINK
  2. Communication  ARTICLE   ARTICLE    VIDEO
  3. Flag of the World  LINK
  4. Group Thinking  VIDEO
  5. Identity Relationship Culture  VIDEO  VIDEO
  6. Expanded Level of Concern  VIDEO
  7. Global Community  VIDEO
  8. Global Patriotism  VIDEO
  9. Civil Conflict Management  LINK
  11. Scientific Collaboration  LINK
  12. Sister City Programs  LINK  LINK
  13. Sister Schools  LINK
  14. Exchange Programs  LINK
  15. Global Peace Traditions  VIDEO
  16. Empathy  VIDEO 
  17. Free Trade  LINK
  18. Diplomacy  LINK
  19. International Travel  LINK
  20. Democracy ARTICLE (pdf)
  21. Arbitration  LINK
  22. Soldiers Rights  VIDEO
  23. Global Security Systems BOOK
  24. Economic Interdepedence VIDEO  ARTICLE
  25. Dialogue groups LINK
  26. Peace Learning LINK
  27. Global Peacekeeping LINK  (pdf)
  28. Listening  LINK
  29. Diversity Inclusion VIDEO
  30. Pen Pal Programs LINK  LINK  LINK  LINK
  31. Cultural Exchange Programs LINK
  32. World Beyond War LINK  (pdf)
  33. Peace through Tourism  LINK
  34. Take US nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert  LINK  LINK (pdf)
  35. Global Peace Systems  VIDEO
  36. Peace Journalism  LINK
  37. International Cities of Peace  CASE STUDIES
  38. Elimination of "launch on warning" nuclear policy  LINK
  39. Declare "no first use" nuclear policy  LINK (pdf)
  40. Nuclear weapons talks among all nations  LINK
  41. Compassion  LINK  LINK
  42. Holistic Thinking  ARTICLE  PDF
  43. Intercultural Understanding  LINK (pdf)
  44. Education LINK  LINK  LINK
  45. The Olympic Truce  ARTICLE  UNOSDP  LINK
  46. Global Community  VIDEO  Our Journey
  47. Government  LINK
  48. Nonviolent Struggle  LINK
  49. Not posing an enemy  VIDEO BOOK (Amazon)
  50. Goodwill  LINK (pdf)
  51. Creative Initiative  LINK (pdf)
  52. A Third Alternative VIDEO
  53. New Ways of Thinking  VIDEO  VIDEO
  54. War is Obsolete  VIDEO
  55. Peace Direct  LINK
  56. Enoughness  VIDEO
  57. Breakthrough: Emerging New Thinking  LINK  (Book)
  58. Our Story  VIDEO
  59. Evolution of the Human  VIDEO
  60. Being Inclusive  VIDEO  VIDEO
  61. Preventive Diplomacy  LINK
  62. Conversations that Matter  VIDEO  VIDEO
  63. Collective Consciousness  VIDEO  VIDEO
  64. Being Responsible  VIDEO
  65. LoveShift  LINK
  66. Worldview  INFOGRAM  VIDEO
  67. Seemore  VIDEO
  68. A New Map  LINK  BOOK  BOOK